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Why Does Full Threaded Stud Have Its Length

Lid sinds 13 apr 2020
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When non-standard screws are in production, they will have head deviation. Do you know why non-standard screws have head deviation? Today, China Fasteners manufacturer-weigao standard parts will explain to you the reasons for the deviation of non-standard screws.

1. The main reason for the deviation of the head of the non-standard screw is that the die is not stable. When the non-standard screw is cold-headed to form the screw, the die is unstable when the die is unstable, which can easily lead to this phenomenon;
2. It is possible that the screws are not fed smoothly, which will cause the walking and stopping during the punching, so the non-standard screws that are driven out will have the phenomenon of head deviation;
3. The scissors of the Full Threaded Stud machine run too fast, the length of the cut screws is different, and the non-standard screws that are punched out will definitely be different.