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Who does not appear to be a part of the NBA 2K community

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According to Nba 2k22 Mt a report obtained by P.TV, Raangee claimed he was just "the one who is the one who opens the chance to help people" While Rack and a third participant named Calvin, who does not appear to be a part of the NBA 2K community, dealt with the financial aspect of the scheme. (P.TV has been unable to get in touch with Calvin however, and has chosen not to make public his last name.)

"First foremost I'd like to state that the way we're going about it is not in any way illegal," Rangee says in the FAQ document that was obtained by P.TV. "If it was illegal, I wouldn't be doing it as it's not sufficient to send me to jail. Remember, it could be a scam. I, as well as [Rack] would not go through the effort of getting our names out for the world to see who we really are. This community is extremely important to me, and I've spent a lot of my time making my name known."

In simple terms, the those who suffered from the scam believed that if pay Calvin an amount of money, Rack would pay them back at high interest rates. Raangee would get a 25 percent cut as the fee for recruiting. "He Rack typically gives us a receipt of what we're owed and the money comes in around 7-14 business days because of his security in the bank," the FAQ document states.

"Most banks obviously take about 5 business days maximum to transfer money, but Rack's banking institution is different from the norm." Initially, those who we talked to claimed that they received the promised payments from Rack However, soon after, communication stopped. Rack claims that the majority of customers did not receive funds. If they inquired about their money, fraudsters would make up excuses, or simply ignore the victims.

"We were supposed [to get the money], but it didn't happen. We waited almost 1 month and the guy was always making excuses such as his PayPal was locked, etc to 2k22 mt buy buy more time," another victim claimed to P.TV.