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Lid sinds 13 okt 2021

Click on for our list of the best Met Gala looks of all time. Since I log many hours Off White Hoodie each week scrolling through all of the cool fashion finds on Net-a-Porter, I decided to highlight the standout pieces that are too good not to share. If you don't have time to sift through dozens of Fashion Month runway photos to catch up on the latest trends, never fear we can all count on Zendaya to show us each season's standout looks.

The award-winning singer announced she would be releasing her long-awaited album after an almost six-year break. She appears in a corset dress from Dolce & Gabanna, coat by Helen Yarmak, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel throughout Off White Clothing the cover story. There are few artists who can captivate the world quite like Adele, said Edward Enninful, the Editor-in-Chief of British Vogue.

The sayings everything comes back around and that everything new is old certainly apply to fashion. We doubt that there's any designer among us who doesn't extensively look through archives when working on a new collection, and those trends hit the runway then trickle down to fast fashion. The point is pretty much any new trend is at least an iteration of one we've seen before.

Tommy Dorfman is the moment. Hey, we all have our thing. Nordstrom was always a place that we went to, she shared on the phone from Los Angeles. The Chanel of fashion's past has returned, and I'm not sure who asked for it just kidding only me, a millennial, and all of Gen Z, but we can all revel in the results. As we all know, social media has normalized having a new outfit for every post. What I wore to the show totally fits my Off White Store personality, says Rae.

To top off the fully realized disco glam looks at Fendi, there were high-gloss nude and bold red pouts. There has been a proliferation of new shops in New York in the last few years. Thus, I am here to help. We're witnessing the birth of Tudorcore, a trend that melds the it-pieces of 16th century England with today's styles. I wanted to recapture that emotion. Curious to hear more, I spoke with Vitiello about why she thinks it's an important topic.