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Where To Use China Rice Planting Machine

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Whenever we plant in the field, we have to complete several steps to put plants or seeds into the ground. This is an introduction to the China Rice Planting Machine we use on the farm.

Plowing or vertical tillage: This action breaks the soil for the first time, so it will penetrate deep into the soil.

Rotating tillage: This action decomposes the soil into a delicate, light, ventilated and loose surface for us to plant.

Bed shaping: Next, we need to push the soil into the "bed" of the width we want (so that all subsequent machines can work). The bed shaper pushes all the light, airy soil into the 4-foot-wide bed, leaving space between the beds so that we can walk or drive on it.

Plastic mulch laying: We want to plant something on plastic mulch for several reasons (I will discuss it in a future blog post). This Corn Thresher puts plastic on top of the bed we made and buried the edges of the plastic. At the same time, it will lay drip tape, otherwise these plants will not get any water, because the plastic will prevent rainwater from entering.