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What Are The Misunderstandings In Using Full Threaded Stud

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        When fixing and connecting two objects, in order to ensure the tightness and firmness of the connection, we will consider the weight and use environment and choose different specifications and models of Full Threaded Stud to use. Only when the correct model is selected can the function and performance be fully reflected, but there are still many people who make mistakes. Do you know any misunderstandings in the use of standard parts?

       Substitute coarser for finer: For important couplings on the machine, such as drive shafts, flyshafts, etc., the bolts mostly use fine thread. When there are missing parts in the repair, some people use coarse bolts instead. Due to the larger inner diameter, smaller pitch and outer angle, the fine pitch bolt has the advantages of high strength and good self-locking performance, and has strong ability to withstand impact, vibration and exchange loads; it is easy to loosen or fall off and break after being substituted by coarse pitch bolts , Causing a mechanical accident.

       Unmatched pores: bolts (such as drive shaft bolts, flywheel bolts) on the machine that bear lateral load and shear force, their fit with bolt holes are transitional fits, and the assembly should be strong and reliable, and able to withstand lateral forces. Someone did not pay attention to the inspection during the assembly, and the bolt was still installed when there was a large gap between the bolt and the bolt hole. As a result, the bolt was loose or cut off.

       Thickening nut: Some people often mistakenly believe that thickening the nut can increase the number of working turns of the thread, thereby improving the reliability of the coupling. In fact, the thicker the nut, the more uneven the load distribution between the threads of each circle, the easier it is to cause the connection Pieces are loose.

       These points are the common misunderstandings reported by users on the market in the process of using standard parts, which can easily cause damage to the fasteners and shorten the service life. As a Stud Manufacturer integrating production and sales, we have a diverse range of products. If you have any needs, you can always contact us.