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What Are The Advantages Of Long Shackle Padlock

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Many customers who have never been in touch with safety locks have this question. What is the difference between long shackle padlock and ordinary padlocks, and what should we pay attention to during use, let’s introduce you to long shackle padlock The difference between ordinary civilian padlocks:

  1. The shape of long shackle padlock is similar to ordinary civilian padlocks, but there are many differences between long shackle padlock and ordinary civilian padlocks.
  2. Long shackle padlocks are generally made of ABS engineering plastics, while civil padlocks are generally made of metal;
  3. The main purpose of long shackle padlock is to warn but not to prevent theft, and the main purpose of ordinary civilian padlocks is to prevent theft;
  4. The lock beam of the long shackle padlock cannot be automatically opened, and has the function of retaining the key, while the ordinary civilian padlock is just the opposite;
  5. Ordinary civilian padlocks are generally a lock with a key, while long shackle padlocks can be equipped with multiple keys, which are divided into management locks and ordinary locks;
  6. iron padlock are often exposed to acid and alkali environments and require special treatment, while ordinary civilian padlocks are usually not used.