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      The main purpose of China Nut is to fasten utensils and parts. It is mostly used in mining, metallurgy, textile, transportation machinery, etc. It is generally suitable for occasions requiring simple equipment and parts, has a certain degree of self-alignment, is easy to follow, has a double-structured sealing device, and works in harsh environments.
China Nut is the tightening principle of screws. Most fasteners are used between the shaft and the sleeve to prevent the shaft and the sleeve from changing their position during use. They can be used to prevent relative movement between the shaft and the sleeve, and some The top thread is used for easy disassembly. For example, the two parts are tightly coupled and can be separated by the top thread.
China Nut has a wide range of uses. Although the screws are small, the effect is not small. Friends who need China Nut can contact us at weigao Bolt Factory.