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Wear And Tear Of Log Splitter Manufacturers

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 The appearance of mechanical equipment has greatly liberated our labor force, but because of the different occupations, the requirements for chippers are also very different. Different occupations have different requirements for the thickness and size of the wood chipper, depending on the demand. Adjusting the distance between the flying knife and the bottom knife, how can we improve the working efficiency of machinery and equipment, and the quality of picking wood chips, let's talk about this question below, and hope to help us.

1. According to different materials: Under normal circumstances, the drum Gasoline Log Splitter can cut small diameter wood, slabs, slats, etc. under 120 mm, and the cut wood chips can be used as the material for fiberboard and pulp.

2. Too thick (above 350mm), too thin (below 30mm), too short (below 250mm), too thin (below 5mm), and irregular materials (undifferentiated stumps, branches, etc.) are not sufficient for uniform cutting.

3. According to the purpose of wood chips: usually paper mills do not have specific requirements for the size of wood chips after processing, but in Guangxi, it is almost required for wood chips to have a thickness of 0.3-05 cm, a length of 2-5 cm, and a width of 3- 8 cm. Regardless of the type of log, it must be peeled, that is, after the wood is peeled, the Gasoline Log Splitter can be processed into wood chips.

The final type of Log Splitter manufacturers is the wear of the bedknife: the bedknife has several cutting edges, depending on the type, there will be differences. Usually we have 6 cutting edges, and there will be a certain amount of wear after long-term use. Sharpening is required. At this time, coolant is required to ensure the stability of the chipper's sharpening. Normally, the maintenance of the equipment must be done to greatly ensure the service life of the equipment.