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The Versatility Of Vegetable Planter

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1. Multifunctional
Continuously supporting new machines and tools, adding new functions, and gradually expanding to urban gardens and horticulture on the basis of improving agricultural functions, such as supporting grass cutting, snow removal, branch and leaf crushing machines and tools. At present, Shandong Huaxing Machinery Group is cooperating with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Science to develop a variety of gardening tools for its leading model TG4.
2. Choose an adaptable engine
Engines with low noise, low emissions, strong power and adaptability will be more widely used.
3. The operation is simpler
It is more convenient to adjust the steering handle, forward and backward speed
4. Rapid replacement of working parts
In order to reduce the labor intensity of the operator and save the time for replacing agricultural tools, the Vegetable Planter and the supporting tools are connected by a quick hooking device, which makes it simple and fast to replace and replace the agricultural tools.
    my country is a large agricultural country, and hills and mountainous areas occupy a large area. The land is small and undulating. It is suitable for the use of small machines. In addition, the scale of business is mainly households, which require small machines. With the further adjustment of the agricultural planting structure, the field The gradual decrease in crop area and the growing area of ​​economic crops, especially the rapid development of greenhouses, have determined that the potential market for multifunctional micro-tillers in my country is huge. If 1% of the farmers in my country buy micro-tillers every year, the demand will exceed 1 million units; if 10% of the farmers have micro-tillers, the inventory will exceed 10 million.
    The key to the start of the market is the increase in farmers' income. At present, farmers buy Planting Machine mainly as a means of generating income, not just a tool to reduce labor intensity. From the current point of view, although the income of farmers has increased to a certain extent, it has not yet reached the level of rapid market launch. Production enterprises must have enough patience and confidence to conduct market research seriously and actively cultivate the market.