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Lid sinds 03 jul 2020


Vans’ patched appliques and stitched on swatches of contrasting tones have sent them down a rabbit hole of inventive motifs, now donning the leather Vans Slip-On Womens with an overt patch along the toebox of a split color scheme. Doing away with the usual tone or material plays, the Anaheim-based label is opting for design more involved, using different techniques to reinvigorate once simple models like their laceless classic. Three schemes come hit with that mindset, one of a Pink/White, one a Gold/White, and the other a Black/White done up in symmetrical contrast à la Harvey Dent. 

Vans throws it back this holiday season with two classic models in a retro feel. The vintage aesthetic is achieved on the Vans Slip-On Mens and Old Skool in two ways: fuzzy brushed suede constructions and retro-inspired color palettes that harken back to the 1960s when Vans was born and became the worldwide leader in skateboard footwear. Each colorway is finished with a Marshmallow (off-white) hue for the iconic vulcanized sole to add to the vintage feel. 

Now, it’s Korea’s time to shine in the collaborative spotlight, as popular Seoul-based menswear brand WOOYOUNGMI is lending their skate-inspired touch to two new Vans Slip-On Mens: a bright red and a dark blue. Inspired by the cult classic film “Lords Of Dogtown” and California skate culture, the shoes feature a full-grain leather upper with two-tone midsoles. Classic WOOYOUNGMI typography is printed on the sidewalls for a touch of special branding, and the shoe’s insoles feature a hand-drawn paisley print inspired by the bandannas skaters wore during the Dogtown era. 

Bold prints and classic colorways are the name of the game for Vault this season, as the Vans Slip-On Sale receives both a leopard print and a classic checkered variation, while the Authentic arrives in both leopard and cow prints. If animal prints aren’t really your thing, the collection has you covered with classic colorways as well: the Epoch Sport, Old Skool, and Vans Slip-On Discount all feature simple, refined colors like black, cumin, and different shades of blue.
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