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Hexagon Socket Head Bolt has applications in many aspects, so what is the specific application situation? Let's take a look together below.

 Carriage bolt, also known as carriage bolt, half-round head square neck bolt! This bolt was first produced and used more than 20 years ago! The original use was used for the combination of iron and wood on the carriage, so it is also called the carriage bolt. Because the head is a semicircular head, there is a square square neck under the head, and it is also called a semicircle. Head square neck bolts, or large semi-circular head square neck bolts! The international codes of carriage bolts can be roughly divided into 3 kinds, GB14 GB12 GB794, German standard can be divided into DIN603/British American system, American British carriage bolts, and modern carriage bolts have a wide range of applications: electronics manufacturing, machinery and equipment industry, chemical industry, Valve industry, medical equipment industry, automobile industry, aviation industry, etc.

 After reading the above content of China Stud Supplier, I believe everyone will already know the scope of application of carriage bolts.