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Unlocking Skills Of Stainless Steel Lock

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The combination form of keyed alike padlock is actually relatively simple in locks, so everyone will be able to open it when encountering other locks, but this probability is not very high, and there will be times when the padlock cannot be opened in life. , If it is really urgent, we actually have a method, but if this lock is not yours, you should not use it lightly, because this is an infringement of privacy and there will also be theft, so the padlock manufacturer teaches you this Don't try it lightly!

   This kind of tool is often seen as a clip in life. Generally, a book clip for paper clipping is used. The steel wire on this book clip is thin enough, and the hardness is good, and it is not easy to bend. They are sold in various bookstores and stationery stores, and the price is not expensive, a few cents. According to the size of the lock, select a book clip wire of appropriate thickness and length.

   Remove the steel wire from the book holder, first twist the steel wire straight with pliers, and twist one end of the steel wire to an angle of 135 degrees. The length of the twist angle is about 5 mm, which can be adjusted appropriately according to the size of the lock. Twist the other end of the wire to a 90-degree angle, leaving an unlimited length, which is convenient for pulling the wire by hand when unlocking.

   After the wire is finished, insert it into the lock core in the direction as shown in the figure, and insert it deeply near the narrow side until you feel it inserted all the way. Judgment criteria for inserting to the end: After inserting it to the end, you can gently twist the wire and feel the rotation of the spring inside the lock.

   After putting the wire in, twist the wire against the direction of unlocking. If the spring inside the lock happens to be moved, the stainless steel lock tongue will shrink into the lock with the spring, and the lock will be opened.

  The method is still very simple. I have taught you this. If you encounter a situation that is difficult to unlock, you can try this method, but you must remember that you cannot use this method to do some bad things. This will also affect you. If you need square blade locks, diamond-shaped shell locks and other lock products, you can directly contact us by phone!