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Understanding Of The Use Of Vegetable Planter

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       What should I pay attention to before using Vegetable Planter? Let's let the editor of Vegetable Planter manufacturer understand it with you.

  1. Before the planter works, it should be filled with oil in time to each oil filling point to ensure that the running parts are fully lubricated. The missing or damaged parts should be supplemented, replaced and repaired in time. Be careful not to apply oil to the gears and chains, so as not to stick to the mud and increase wear.
  2. The working length of each seed wheel is equal and the displacement is the same. The seed rate adjustment mechanism is flexible, and there must be no sliding and empty movement.
  3. The disc of the disc opener can rotate flexibly without shaking or rubbing against the opener body.
  4. Before and after each shift and during work, the soil in all parts should be cleaned up, and special attention should be paid to removing the soil and oil on the transmission system.
  5. After each shift, the fertilizer in the fertilizer box should be cleaned up to prevent the fertilizer from corroding the fertilizer box and the fertilizer discharge parts. Check whether the seed metering shaft and the fertilizer shaft rotate flexibly.
  6. After each operation, the Planting Machine should be parked in a dry covered shed. When parked in the open, the fertilizer box should be tightly covered. When parking, drop the opener, put down the support to support the machine body, and reduce unnecessary load on the frame of the planter