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Tighten The Bolts Of The Stud Manufacturer

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Be aware that the bolts that Fasteners Suppliers have not tightened will become looser due to vibration during use. So no matter whether the bolt is tightened and breaks through the limit, returning half a turn is harmful and useless. Of course, there is one exception, and that is when there are gaskets. Some things will equip the bolts with washers.

So what is the function of this thin ring-shaped small metal piece? In fact, the function of this metal piece is equivalent to a spring, and the purpose is to increase elasticity. The purpose of increasing elasticity is to make the entire assembly stronger. However, as a spring component, the gasket is also limited in its bearing capacity. The so-called spring is deformed after being squeezed, and due to its own elasticity, it will recover after the pressure is removed, but the restoring force of the spring has a limit.

When the pressure on the gasket is too large to exceed the limit, its spring action will disappear, so the existence of the gasket is redundant.

In order to maintain the elasticity of the gasket and make the entire assembly stronger, after tightening the bolts, we can retract a half turn to maintain the elasticity of the gasket, which is more conducive to the firmness of the entire assembly. However, the prerequisite is to ensure that the bolts are not deformed due to excessive tightening.

So how can we ensure that the bolts are not tightened too tightly? When Stud Manufacturer manufactures precision instruments, we need to use torque wrenches that can measure the force. In daily life, this is a bit redundant. In daily life, screwing bolts mainly depends on experience and feel. In addition, don't be swayed by obsessive-compulsive disorder. With or without shims, the bolts are not as tight as possible. For bolts without washers, it is wrong to retract a half turn after tightening.