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Liqun lengthy mouth cigarette how Cheap Newport 100s Free Shipping you can distinguish accurate and USA Cigarettes Store fake, Liqun lengthy mouth accurate and false to tell apart true as well as false

Liqun (long mouth) cigarettes are manufactured from high-quality cigarettes leaves from from coast to coast, meticulously combined and prepared, in quest for the ideal color, fragrance, taste as well as shape, having a soft as well as delicate mouth area and lengthy aftertaste. Xiaobian categorized out the actual relevant introduction from the long mouth to tell apart between accurate and fake, following Xiaobian to comprehend it collectively.

First, laser beam holography anti-counterfeiting

Actual cigarettes: anti-counterfeiting as well as paper overprint precise, laser holographic anti-counterfeiting designs bright as well as clear, design stratification; "Three Swimming pools Reflecting the actual Moon" about the left aspect of using miniature publishing anti-counterfeiting, positive observation from the left structure body "bright", the best side from the tower entire body "dark".

Fake cigarette: the actual counterfeit smoke laser holographic anti-counterfeiting design is darkish and without having light, and also the pattern isn't layered; Upon either aspect the "three Newport Cigarettes Carton Cheap swimming pools reflecting the actual moon" had been dim.