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Threaded Rods And Eye Bolts Installation Method

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        1. The penetration direction of Threaded Rods And Eye Bolts is based on convenient engineering construction, and each connection point should be neat. After inserting high-strength bolts and tightening them with a wrench, remove the temporary bolts and replace them with high-strength bolts.

       2. The tightening of high-strength bolts must be carried out in 2 times. The first time is the initial tightening: the initial tightening is tightened to 60% to 80% of the bolt specification axial force (that is, the pre-tension of the design concept). The second tightening is the final tightening, and the torsion shear type high-strength bolt should be screwed off the red plum chuck at the final tightening.


       3. After hoisting for an engineering construction section, after the steel structure has produced a stable structure module, the high-strength bolts have just begun to be installed.

       4. Pay attention to the orientation when installing torsion shear type high-strength bolts: the sealing ring of the bolt is installed on the side of the nut, and the rounded side of the sealing ring hole should touch the nut.


       5. The bolts that have been screwed in the first time should be marked for confirmation. In order to avoid missing screwing, the high-strength bolts installed on the same day should be finally screwed on the same day.

       6. Both the initial and final tightening need to be tightened from the middle of the bolt group to the surrounding symmetrical diffusion method.

       7. Due to the small indoor space, the high-strength bolt handle is not suitable for the actual operating position. You can choose to use a widened waterproof casing or a manual wrench for installation.

       8. Hexagon Flange Bolt should be screwed off all the red plum chucks at the end to finish screwing, and it is forbidden to ignore it.