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So Wilt's total points per MT 2K21 game average for that stretch could be 64.3 ppg off human scoring and helps (no 3 point line, all 2 point assists).In Dame's finest ten game stretch for complete scoring, he averaged 41.5/9.4.

Is that Wilt may have had a better 10 game extend elsewhere. I doubt it, given that his 100 point game is at that stretch. But it's potential. Another is that I don't know whether and-ones are counted in the points-off-assists stat. If they're, we do not actually have any way to know how a lot of the assists of Wilt resulted in and 1s. Nevertheless, in that situation, half of his 22 assists would have had to result in an extra point to get to 65.4 total ppg. That also looks pretty unlikely.

I think NBA 2K21 was a while after kobe

After Kobe passed because we cancelled the Clippers game afterwards, yeah they had been our first match. Dame completely lit us up.That stretch was just stratospheric. Unquestionably among the hottest stripes in NBA history.He had a terrific interview near the end of that stretch where he replied that the game has turned into considerably easier for him he was seeing the ground otherwise and felt that he could control the match he wanted.Then watching his matches then you could really see how nicely he had been manipulating the opposing defense seemingly at will. Incredibly fun to see.

This is a take that is popular, but Dame might have had the best 6-game elongate in history this season - even if accounting for Wilt. He contributed 444 points (74ppg) from 2020-01-20 via 2020-02-01 that is the most all-time. His averages were percent shooting (57 percent from 3 on over 14 attempts per match!!!!) .

Points-contributed is a hard stat to pin down, but in Wilt's greatest 6-game stretch (which includes his 100 point game) he generated 381 points from scoring, and 34 out of passing, placing him at 415 through 6 matches.

After the death of Kobe was against the blazers, the game lakers played. I remember hammering the blazers and expecting the lakers to play Buy NBA 2K21 MT with a massive chip on their shoulders. I had been completely wrong. Dame shit on us and Kobe would have been proud.Still did not get player of the month...I guessed they would've skipped the different covers and just went with Kobe but I guess as soon as you can charge almost two times as much to get a bullshit variant you've got to do it.