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Stud Manufacturer Should Strengthen Research And Development

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    Many performance and quality indicators of fasteners are provided by the base material. That is, a very large number of commodity fasteners are generally required. Due to the application of advanced technology, such as the application of high-speed cold heading and automatic continuous heat treatment production lines, the hardness of the raw material cold heading bar, the mass fraction of chemical composition, The uniformity of raw material cleaning rod performance has high requirements.

    Workers who want to do well must first sharpen their tools. Full Threaded Stud steel still needs hard work

    According to the material consultant of the Fastener Professional Association of China Machinery General Parts Industry Association, “Although my country is currently a major fastener producer and the world’s largest steel producer, the development and production of fastener steel has started relatively late.

    There are relatively few varieties and specifications of cold heading steel, which cannot meet the current domestic and export needs of fastener production. Many steel grades in the JIS standard G3506, G3507, G4105 and ASTM in the United States are also borrowed in the production and market circulation of cold heading steel."

    In this regard, in addition to strengthening innovative research and development, Stud Manufacturer also needs to expand production capacity under the premise of ensuring quality.