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Stud Manufacturer Introduces The Size Of The Product To You

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1) Full Threaded Stud product size standards: specify the content of the basic product size; threaded products also include the basic size of the thread, thread end, shoulder distance, undercut and chamfer, and the end of external threaded parts Dimensions and other aspects.

2) Standards on the technical conditions of standard fasteners. Specifically, it also includes the following standards: a) Fastener product tolerance standards: specify product size tolerances and geometric tolerances. b) Standards on mechanical performance of fastener products: specify the marking method of product mechanical performance levels and the content of mechanical performance items and requirements; some fastener products will change this content to product material performance or work performance Aspect content. c) Standards for fastener product surface defects: specify the types of product surface defects and specific requirements. d) Surface treatment standards of fastener products: specify the types of product surface treatments and specific requirements. e) Fastener product test standards: specify the test contents of the various performance requirements mentioned above.

3) Fastener product acceptance inspection, marking and packaging standards: specify the qualified quality level and sampling plan of the random inspection items during the factory acceptance of the product, as well as the content of the product marking method and packaging requirements.

4) Standards on the marking method of fastener products: specify the complete marking method and simplified marking method of the product. Fastener price

5) Stud Manufacturer's standards for other aspects of fasteners: such as the standard of fastener terminology, the standard of fastener product weight, etc.