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Stud Manufacturer Introduces Product Application

Lid sinds 13 apr 2020
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There are many screws in daily life, but how to fix that small screw? Yes, it's a screwdriver. Without a screwdriver, screws alone are useless, and screwdrivers and screws alone are useless. Use each screw exactly where it should be used.

With the advent of screws, the continuous use and variety of screws have made the tools used to fix the screws become important. Screwdrivers, from a single flat-blade screwdriver at the beginning, to now have cross-shaped, plum blossom and other shapes. We zhejiang weigao
Stud Manufacturer is also producing internal plum blossom type self-tapping screws recently, which shows that the head of the screw now bears more and more torque. The requirements of factory customers for the use of screws are getting higher and higher.

However, if only the screwdriver and screws are used in the correct place, the screw is useless. How can the screw be used in the correct place? Take wall nails for example. We all know that wall nails are drywall nails. As the name suggests, they are used for walls. If we use to fix the casing of the TV, that is not possible. To fix the housing of the TV set, a round head tapping screw is required. The thread of the wall panel nail is wider than the round head tapping screw. If the TV shell is fitted with wall panel nails, the cabinet will be scrapped, and the thread of the wall panel nail will also be damaged. Fasteners Suppliers should use round head tapping screws. A wrong choice hurts both sides.