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That the steaming pile of shit that's NBA 2K

Lid sinds 16 jul 2020

The sport sells more copies annually and buy mt nba 2k21 microtransaction revenues are record breaking. Sorry to say their strategy works well, thats the truth that is sad. They wont change anything as earnings dont start. We're essentially telling them each year"Wow what a great match 2k" because we fall for the identical shit every year. I can guarantee you that if you ask anyone right now everyone says"No im not purchasing 2k20 next year, im not falling again for that". Ask the same person next year in August because 2k promised that what's fixed and they preordered.

Can I ask why the cover is brought up? I know you can jump ahead and jump directly to like 88 by buying VC, but their is so much that should be grinded to really skill up. IMO the real problems are the MYCAREER points are not at all fairly earned. I play mainly livelihood, will perform SOME playground, but I just dont have TIME to grind 45 hours to cap break to receive 90. I have had my Center and place 12 hours a week, hit 3 cap breakers, and cant reach at 90. $ $ isnt going to allow me to be so not sure argument to be won by the pay if im being honest. Certainly pay to skip the grind, however I dont find it to win.

By the time you receive your badges your overall ought to be 85 lmao.. I've got a 91 with no vc purchased its really easy 1k vc per game. Teammate grade, exemptions, incentives its easy but people are idle and 2k understands that so they leave the micro trades in. 2k should still leave it in the game. I do not have enough time to grind from a 60. It doesn't have anything to do with being lazy I'm an adult with responsibilities who enjoys playing with others online. I'm in the exact same boat! So you believe that it's trendy to have to shell out the additional 40-50 dollars just to have the game be playable?

No it is not. Even though I did. But this was really impulsive. I should have the ability to create as many players as I need and get them into a 99. I just don't want to grind one participant to a 99, I need it to be possible to grind every construct to a 99. Without spending extra money in sport (eventhough I'd if their were bonus resources like clothing, tattoos, shoes etc.. ) Right I am entirely with you, and it's pretty clear that micro-transactions implemented particularly for aesthetics is a fantastic way to collect additional revenue. Fornite, CS:GO, OW, the list continues. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. But after it starts with an impact on your operation... well, frankly the end result is that the steaming pile of shit that's NBA 2K.

But that is exactly what this game mode is... There are additional game modes available you could play online which don't require you to grind at all. This game style will be about the grind, although I know that response kind of stinks. It has been around growing and grinding your player. But you cant argue 2k has produced a waaaaay longer grind and then sold one of the solution from the 2k18 and 19. Back in 2k11,12, 13 and 16 I had multiple 99 overall player I just played with no VC bought because the game was flexible. I am still playing 2k18 and I'm a 91 complete with 100k vc from the legends edition my wife purchased me. I've been playing since last Christmas frequently, just how much grinding do people gotta do to cheap nba 2k21 mt coins accomplish a goal.