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Some Notes of Fruit&Vegetable Drying Machine

Lid sinds 10 jan 2020

First, Fruit&Vegetable Drying Machine can add a hot air recovery system to recover the discharged hot air, speed up the air flow in the drying room, speed up the drying time, and increase the use of heat energy.

Second, the use of Fruit&Vegetable Drying Machine pays attention to the reason that speed is not reached, so you cannot rise to * at a time when heating, otherwise it will affect the quality of fruits and vegetables, pay attention to the uniform heating of fruits and vegetables, consider the direction of wind flow, let Hot air circulates from fruits and vegetables.

Third, when using Fruit&Vegetable Drying Machine, you can reach any final moisture content required for drying, without being limited by natural conditions, with mature drying theory and process technology, which can ensure the dedication of drying. Compared with gas, the drying time period , High production efficiency, clean and hygienic, small footprint, long service life, safe and reliable, labor-saving.

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