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Solution To The Failure Of Vegetable Seed Planter Machine

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   The failure of the Vegetable Seed Planter Machine will seriously affect the normal operation of the harvester. Therefore, in order to reduce the failure rate of the transplanting machine for medicinal materials, attention should be paid to the dynamic changes of the transplanting machine. Once the following situations occur, the clutch has been damaged and needs to be repaired in time.

    1. When the medicinal material transplanting machine accelerates and shifts, the vehicle speed cannot increase with the increase of the rotation speed.

    2. Starting the medicinal material transplanting machine is difficult to start and cannot be started, and the power cannot be transmitted to the driving wheels, resulting in driving weakness.

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    3. Under the loading quality of the medicinal material transplanter, the power is insufficient, and the clutch will emit a burning smell when slipping.

  Planting Machine suppliers inspected the transplanting machine for medicinal materials

    1. The newly installed tires are easy to loosen and need to be checked frequently.

    2. Pay attention to the normal operation of many parts of the machine.

    3. Attention should be paid to check the wear degree of the wearing parts and replace the wearing parts.

    4. On the base surface of the mobile device, when the machine encounters materials that cannot be broken, dust and other materials should be cleaned to avoid moving the mobile bearings on the base and causing serious accidents.

    5. The bearing oil temperature rises. The reasons should be checked and cleaned up in time.