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Selection Of Stainless Steel Lock Production Materials

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  In the production of stainless steel lock, production materials must be used. Only when it has good production materials can it have good product quality. So what kind of production materials do this product require? First of all, the material needs to be light-weight, because this kind of lock does not have its own fixation when it is used, and it needs to be carried in the natural process. If the material of the product is too heavy, it will not It is convenient to carry it, and in this case, the convenience of the product will decrease.

  So in the production of isolation locks, first of all, there will be light weight requirements for materials. Furthermore, the material of the product must have good anti-corrosion and chemical resistance. In some cases, the product will be used in a chemical environment. If it is the material itself, there is no chemical resistance and anti-corrosion ability. One will reduce the adaptability of the product itself, and the other will reduce the life of the product, so it is necessary to make the material of this product have a lot of Good anti-corrosion and chemical resistance, although this will increase its production cost, but the performance in this area also needs to be achieved.

  And when users use this product, they also need to make it achieve the desired wear resistance. Compared with some lock core materials, the requirements are higher. During the operation of the keyed alike padlock, it will naturally be opened and closed, and there will be some wear and tear during the whole process. It does not have the advantage of materials in this respect, which will reduce the service life of the product to a certain extent. Under the circumstances, it is produced by using zinc alloy, but the same material has its quality difference. It also requires users to be careful when choosing.