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Selection Of Planting Machine Oil

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    Vegetable Planter is light and convenient to use, and is widely used in agricultural production. So what are the precautions for Vegetable Planter during operation?
  1. After the engine is started for the first time, perform a warm-up operation for 5 minutes. Keep the engine running at a low speed before the engine is hot. Do not run at full load at high speed or run at low speed without load.
  2. Avoid overload operation. The engine cannot run at full load during the running-in period, and it can run-in at 3000 rpm and about 50% load.
  3. Change the oil on time. After the engine has been running for 20 hours, warm up and change the oil, otherwise the residual oil in the body will not be drained. After changing the oil for 20 hours, change the oil every 100 hours thereafter.
4. If the fuel is mixed with water and dirt, it will cause the diesel engine to run abnormally or fail to work. If there is water and dirt in the fuel, the fuel should be stored in a clean container for precipitation for more than 2 hours, then Use a hose or pump to pump out the fuel above. The fuel at the bottom of the container cannot be used.
5. The selection method of Planting Machine oil. It is very important to choose the right oil. If the oil grade used is not suitable, it will cause the adhesion of the piston ring and burn the piston ring; the rapid wear of the cylinder liner; the rapid wear of the bearing and other moving parts Wear and shorten the service life of diesel engines.
   6. Keep the air filter clean.