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The Selection Criteria Of Iron Padlock

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Although iron padlock occupies a small area, it plays a very important role. Therefore, it is particularly important to purchase hardware locks. We remind the following aspects to be worthy of attention.
1. Lock material
The lock materials on the market are basically divided into stainless steel, copper, and zinc alloy. Stainless steel has high strength, strong corrosion resistance, and does not change color. It is the best lock material; copper is more versatile, has superior mechanical properties and higher prices; locks are of high quality. Zinc alloy is strong, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and easy to form.
The door locks are made of zinc alloy and aluminum alloy, and are committed to providing consumers with high-priced locks. The product has a long life and a beautiful appearance.
2. Surface treatment of locks
Surface treatment can be roughly divided into three types: electroplating, spraying and coloring. The lock forms a dense protective film on the surface of the product through surface treatment, which plays a role of anti-corrosion and rust prevention, making the lock more beautiful and durable. Dense protective film is also a measure of the quality of locks. Good quality locks are mostly electroplated. The coating is fine and smooth, uniform and moderate, bright in color, and free of bubbles, rust and signs of oxidation.
The surface of the lock product is delicate, high gloss, rich in color, exquisite and wear-resistant. Its aluminum alloy plating level is the industry leader.
Three, lock implementation standards
Generally speaking, the long shackle padlock that feels heavy is relatively high in quality; the lock body should not be exposed, which can easily hurt people. Pay special attention to the end of the lock handle, the bolt and the four corners of the lock body; the lock spring is good The locks are flexible to open, have high sensitivity, and have a long service life. There are also many styles of locks, so be sure to be consistent with the style of the interior door.