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Requirements For Making A3 Sublimation Paper

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Ordinary T-shirts, POLO shirts, and sweaters can use roll sublimation paper to achieve the effect of hot-stamping the pattern on the clothes, making the clothes more beautiful and interesting. It can also increase the value of clothes. So the question is, what do you need to use in this thermal transfer process? I have written a lot of articles about the entire process, and today I will write a few important materials!

The first thing to bear the brunt is the engraving film. The characteristics and characteristics of the engraving film depend on the category of the engraving film, and its materials and production processes are different for different categories. It is well known that the lettering film can be used to hot stamp the logos, numbers, letters, etc. of personalized T-shirts, and different hot stamping methods can achieve different hot stamping effects. For sports shirts, a monochromatic printable lettering film is usually used. If it is a fashionable dress with strong individual requirements, the monochromatic color cannot meet the needs of customers. It is recommended to use the color stacking method, the color chasing method or the production color method. response.

Another thing to talk about is the release substrate, which provides a variety of A3 sublimation paper, which is especially suitable for oily screen printing and water-based screen printing. The release film needs to pass a number of environmental protection tests and is manufactured in full compliance with international standards. It is suitable for thermal transfer technology, can achieve various heat transfer effects, has good performance and adopts advanced technology. The normal release film uses "sheets" as the unit and can be customized into rolls. The specifications are: 39*54cm, 48*64cm. The release film includes flat, bright, and matte, which can be divided into hot tear, cold tear, and cold. Hot tear.