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Requirements For 400w Led Flood Light

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400w Led Flood light is a kind of light with explosion-proof function. It is used in hazardous locations with flammable gas and dust. It can prevent arc, spark and high temperature from igniting combustible gas and dust in the surrounding environment.

Qualification requirements for explosion-proof lights

Due to the special environment of explosion-proof lamps, explosion-proof lamps have high requirements for the manufacture of explosion-proof lamps. Companies wishing to develop shopping malls in the explosion-proof field need to have various national certification requirements, which is also a reflection of the soft power of explosion-proof lighting enterprises.

1. Explosion-proof lamps must pass compulsory certification standards, that is, 3C certification. Explosion-proof lamps belong to the first category of mandatory certification products and the tenth category: lighting equipment

2. Explosion-proof certification The prerequisite for applying for explosion-proof certification is that the company has passed ISO9000 series quality management system certification. Assuming that the company has not passed the ISO9000 series certification, it cannot pass the explosion-proof certification.

Each different type of product requires independent explosion-proof certification. Therefore, companies that manufacture explosion-proof lights not only need a wealth of products, but also complete explosion-proof certification.

So what is explosion-proof certification? Explosion-proof certification is used to confirm that the equipment meets the requirements of explosion-proof standards and type tests, conduct regular adaptability tests, and issue relevant certificates of conformity, which can be used for explosion-proof equipment or explosion-proof components.

3. Coal mine safety certification, referred to as coal mine safety certification, is to implement safety production certification for coal mines, instruments, meters and other equipment to prevent counterfeit products from entering underground and ensure the safety of underground operations

4. CE certification European safety certification is a permit for manufacturing companies to enter European shopping malls. This is a mandatory certification mark. Products sold in European shopping malls must have consumer electronics certification personnel.

5. CQC certification CQC is a qualified product of electrical products, mainly used for electrical safety.

6. Industrial product production license Manufacturing company must hold this certificate to produce related industrial products. Industrial product production license is an integral part of the production license principle.

Led Street Light Factory's supervision system, principles and rules, citizens, legal persons and other arrangements for product production and processing need to have basic production conditions to ensure product quality and safety, and they can only obtain the "Industrial Product Production License" according to the rules and procedures ".