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Rapid Splitter Is Widely Used

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   Timber resources are one of the country’s important resources, which are related to people’s livelihood and national development. The country’s economy is getting better and better with the use of wood. However, in today’s social development, we can see that timber resources are very tight and the country responds. The current situation of timber resources has made corresponding governance policies, and these corresponding policies have promoted the development of the Rapid Splitter industry. Saving and substituting is an urgent task for the development of circular economy and the construction of a conservation-oriented society, as an important part of resource conservation and comprehensive utilization, intensify work, fully tap the potential, improve the comprehensive utilization rate and recycling rate of wood, and reduce wood Unreasonable consumption.

  Rapid Splitter is the log, felling and leftover materials, such as wood branches, tree roots, and trail wood. As well as the remaining materials in wood processing, the standard for processing these materials to grow and short is the same as wood chips. Nowadays, both the Rapid Splitter and the sawdust machine are widely used Rapid Splitter equipment, which is the main equipment used to produce various fiberboards and particleboards.

  Daily maintenance of Chipper Shredder motor:
  1. First check the power socket, plug and power cord for oxygen loss or breakage, if not, plug in the power supply to test the machine.
 2. When the motor is energized and does not rotate, and the wheel can be rotated by lightly turning the wheel by hand, it may be caused by the failure of one of the two starting capacitors of the machine. In this case, it is generally only replaced by new products.
 3. Another situation is that the power does not rotate, and the external force can be applied to rotate, but there is a weak current noise in the motor, which is caused by the slight leakage of the starting capacitor. If the current noise is too loud, the motor cannot start, which may be caused by a short circuit of the starting capacitor.