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Professional Knowledge Of GF Machines

Lid sinds 10 jan 2020

It is normal and inevitable for the Fruit Drying Equipment to lose during use. What we can do is to reduce the loss. The loss of the equipment in use is not fixed. The size of the loss will change according to the workload. How can the loss of the drying equipment be reduced to a lower level without affecting the cost?

In addition to the large workload of the dryer, the natural aging of the dryer will also cause it to show a certain large loss. In addition, the dryer is more or less damaged by prolonged overheating. These are normal damages and are beyond the user's control. Based on these two points, what users can do is to strengthen the maintenance of the dryer to maintain its normal operation.

However, if it is due to the loss of workload, the user needs to conduct inductive considerations based on various factors (such as cost). Although loss is inevitable, good economic benefits can be obtained under the premise of loss, which can be achieved through some calculations.

When the fruit drying equipment is newer, users can usually choose to run with lower loss, which can make the equipment run for a long time.

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