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Processing Technology Of Dye Sublimation Paper

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Although dye sublimation paper processing and foam printing processing are the same three-dimensional printing methods, they are often confused in name, but there is a big difference between the two, so what is the difference between velvet printing processing and foam printing processing?

(1) Observe the raised printed fabric with a microscope, and its surface is full of tiny spherical bodies. The cross-sections of the two products are also completely different. The velvet printing is a soap bubble type, while the foam printing is a bee cake type. Due to the difference in structure, the fleece printed product has a flock embroidery effect visually, while the foam print has only a relief effect.
(2) The main composition of the printing paste for raising printing is a microcapsule preparation. This kind of microcapsule is a small empty L, zJ, ball, and a low boiling point organic solvent is stored in the core of the capsule. At high temperatures, the organic solvent in the capsule core can quickly vaporize, expanding the microcapsules like a balloon. Due to the increase in volume, the inflated microcapsules squeeze each other, resulting in irregular overlapping distribution. Foaming printing uses foaming agent and resin latex to mix. After printing, it is treated at high temperature. The foaming agent decomposes to produce a large amount of gas, which expands the resin layer and raises the pattern like a steamed bun.
(3) Classified by reaction properties, A4 sublimation paper is a physical foam, and foam printing is a chemical foam.