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Process Of Performance Built Log Splitter

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   According to the analysis of relevant personnel: The global and Chinese product sales markets have generally fallen into an environment of weak demand. From April to May, the Chinese timber wholesale market performed poorly, showing a downward trend. Entering August week, timber prices picked up slightly. Along with the country's anticipation on policy housing and replacement of old and new furniture, the sales market will gradually warm up later. Petrol Log Splitter selects blade cutting and high-speed cyclonic impact, impact two-way crushing into one, and can simultaneously carry out micro-material sorting production and processing procedures.

    During the cutting and crushing process of the Petrol Log Splitter blade, the rotor of the motor generates high-speed cyclones, which rotates with the cutting direction of the blade. The raw materials are accelerated in the cyclone, and the continuous impact causes the raw materials to be crushed in both directions at the same time, accelerating the crushing rate of raw materials. High efficiency, Petrol Log Splitter set Slicing and crushing together, can cut branches and branches with a diameter of 1--20 cm, the key is used to produce and process raw materials such as fir, miscellaneous wood, poplar, pine, bamboo, etc. At the same time, the equipment can also be used for bamboo, thatch, corn Cutting of fibrous stalk-like raw materials such as straw and sorghum stalks. The wood pellets of Performance Built Log Splitter can also be used as raw materials for the production of particleboard. This series of equipment is suitable for liquidity work, and is generally applicable to the preparation stage of large, medium and small particleboard and fiberboard manufacturers. It is more suitable for various growers. Investment and Development.