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Planting Machine Fuel Consumption

Lid sinds 23 sep 2020
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1. The Planting Machine radiator is blocked, the internal temperature rises sharply, and a large amount of engine oil continues to burn.
2. The machine is always in operation, and the piston ring is severely worn, resulting in high piston friction.
3. Long-term uninterrupted work will increase the temperature of the machine, resulting in too small ventilation for the cooling fan of the garden management machine.
4. Local management machines cannot be used in time due to long service life, loose parts, increased oil leakage and excessive waste.
5. The piston groove of the Vegetable Planter is blocked, the groove of the oil ring cannot be opened, and the oil cannot burn better.
Analysis of the reasons affecting the fuel consumption of Vegetable Planter, welcome to inquire for more details!