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Phantasy Star initially made its impression on me back with PS2

Lid sinds 23 mei 2020

Phantasy Star initially made its impression on me back with PS2, or instead even merely reading about it, though I started just playing PSU. I was a Nintendo child, didn't have a Sega, but one of the gaming mags at the time needed a very spoilery strategy manual and I guess that"that" occurring really threw me for a loop. Most of my RPGing would be whatnot and Zelda and Final Fantasy, but it has stayed with me. Although I have friends who did, I didn't get into PSO unfortunately. I did play with PSU for meseta pso2 much of its lifetime. I regret that I didn't get beyond like level 80, but I at least found a Psycho Wand board or two before I ceased. I did play only a little PSO2 back when it came out and needed to do it the hard way.

I found PSO on a trailer DVD for theGameCube and became obsessed. It ended showing Gal Gryphon in all its glory and performed with with The Whole New World. Got it and played with it with my brothers for years growing up. Now we still play. We simultaneously hit at level 100 on Falz together with a little coordination in PSZ. We initially went to await PSO2's NA launch but it never arrived. A few years back I found out you could play the JP servers but I lost interest because my brothers were not interested in doing this. So they time has come when we could all play PSO2 together just like we did PSO and PSZ ahead of them. I can not wait!

Gamecube for me. I picked up 2 & PSO 1 and BB. I have never played with back then but I had hundreds of hours poured into the single player mode. If memory serves I was able to get into the second difficulty level but could not get beyond some of the bosses. Now I would make a new personality and test different classes. PSU came out and I was initially really excited but died after about 30 minutes of gameplay. It felt like exactly the wrong direction to me so I never picked it back up. Now I am excited to try PSO2 but I am not certain if I could like it such as PSO BB. I am excited to get in and try it anyways!

My buddies from the old days of playing very vague MMO mech match (C21 and Cosmic Split to be exact ) encouraged me to playwith. Phantasy Star Online 2 itself is nice but because of overall incompetent localization and uncontrolled monetization from Playpark, I decided to try VPNing my way to JP server. My god quality of extra content & life improvements made me give in and began playing from the start. But sadly, most of my buddies have quit playing with this time so I kinda need to live alone on Ship 2 (basically a server with the majority of english speaking players). This was about when Episode 3 fell I think and that I had a lot of fun grinding different classes to 75 (which surprisingly took me LESS time compared to grinding to 40 at SEA lol).

Been playing only wolf for about a year, then switched to Ship 8 to begin playing a little more severely (better market and participant dps in general) and luckily got picked up by an english speaking team. I am in a position to achieve end-game thanks to cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta them and started a bit of an in-game cosplay hobby! Posted my avatar that was Cast twitter as Megaman X plus it frees up for some reason. I keep doing it since then when I've got cash to spare lol.