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The Petrol Log Splitter Cuts Evenly

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The Performance Built Log Splitter is a device that can cut wood into pieces. The chipper generally cuts logs or relatively neat branches into pieces. Inside the device is a cutter head, which rotates rapidly to remove materials of uniform thickness. This kind of material is the favorite of many paper mills. They like this kind of regular and good forming material to be used for soaking pulp to make paper. It should be that the wood chips cut by the chipper can reach 7mm, which is a qualified raw material standard for foaming pulp, and the thickness of the material cut by the equipment is uniform. The thinner the wood chips, the greater the pulp strength, the more paper products are produced, which is largely reduced To overcome the burden of thick wood chips on the paper mill.

     Why can Petrol Log Splitter cut materials so evenly? In fact, the reason is very simple. There are two or three blades installed on the cutter roller of the chipper. These blades cut the raw materials in turn under the fast rotation of the turntable. What if the blade becomes dull after a long time. You can first remove the blade and then sharpen it. When sharpening the blades, it should be noted that the sharpening amount of the two flying knives should be the same. If the weight of each two flying knives is different, the machine is prone to vibration when rotating at high speed. The same is true when changing the blades.