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OSRS is doing it another way

Lid sinds 16 sep 2020

Not saying your skepticism is unwarranted BUT so much their track record once Warden took charge has just been to tell us things they're working on when they're in reality coming that is why we barely know anything beforehand now. So the simple fact that they really talked about RuneScape gold this material going by their own stated and so much stuck to coverage that everything recorded is going to come. The things which are not that they did speak about such as pets were quite especially given no ETA.

I mean ? I haven't been enjoying for a little while, since my last return there was of one new quest, and it was the one that requires you do that high-end elite dungeon; I have not been keeping up with , but from the little I've heard I have heard of more real content upgrades in Nostalgiascape while aside from arch, I still have not heard of very many upgrades for updatescape, and even fewer quests, that are why I play.

We had an identical concept pitched by Mod Ryan one gamejam, in weeks Mod Osborne decided there wasn't enough interest and the idea was dropped from all of Jagex consciousness. In RS3, there's more interest in skilling updates that bring faster advancement in the cost of gp, that is why they rather added Aquarium. They are incorporating a slower approach to train construction for the advantage of paying less gp. We're obviously playing the incorrect game.

I don't think the same can be said for much of the community. People despise the idea of clawing back EXP rates on RS3 - even though a huge portion of the success of several OSRS updates is they have low EXP rates that direct content to be purposeful more frequently. It is very much a can't-have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too situation. A number of the flopped day-1-it's-lifeless content ideas from RS3 would do amazing about OSRS, and a lot of those celebrated holy-shit-this-is-amazing content ideas from OSRS will be considered garbage in RS3. This is in large part because of the fact that OSRS is slow development, and RS3 is fast progression.

It'd be programming hell, but I've been thinking more and Jagex eventually has to buy RS gold change to 64 bit integers. There's only so much content it's possible to pack into 120 levels. Raising the cap would roughly triple the amount of feasible levels within an skill. RS3 would have rapid progression, but the last goal would be much further away. They even do a fantastic job filling out 120. Adding even more levels wouldn't work out nicely.