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Operation Specification Of Keyed Alike Padlock

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The scope of application of the keyed alike padlock: the use of a safety padlock in the area of ​​the main power switch can prevent people who are not clear about the power from touching the power transformer and cause damage. If the safety padlock is used for the pneumatic valve power switch, it can prevent the exposure of the vapor and avoid causing damage. Damage to the natural environment and the human body is natural, and it can also have a warning effect to prevent.


stainless steel lock are basically the same as ordinary hardware locks. They are generally equipped with technical and professional keys as a maintenance management plan. In addition, safety padlocks are mostly dominated by bright red alertness, and there are many types of safety padlocks. The operation step is to fix the safety padlock on the small object according to the inseparable touch of the left and right layers for the small objects that must be maintained by the hardware locks, and just click the keys of the hardware locks.