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The Operation Method Of Rapid Splitter

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Do you know how to operate Rapid Splitter? cnsuperpower Log Splitter Manufacturers to tell you.
 1. To give full play to the performance of this machine, the operator should not be less than 2 people;
  2. There should be no iron, stone and other debris in the material with guillotine;
  3. When working, properly adjust the feeding amount of the material. Too much can easily lead to overload stall, and too little affects the cutting efficiency;
  4. If blocking occurs during work, it is forbidden to force feed by hand or iron rod, etc., it should be stopped immediately to remove;
  5. When working, if you find abnormal or hear abnormal sound, you should stop the machine immediately and check it. You must cut off the power before checking, and it is forbidden to remove the fault when the machine is running;
  6. Add butter to each active part once a day, the main bearing needs to be filled once with lithium-based grease for 300 hours;
  7. When you stop working, you should let the machine idle for two minutes to blow off the dust and weeds in the machine, and then shut down.
8. Pay attention to rust prevention. The motor of the Rapid Splitter must not get wet or enter the water to prevent the machine parts from rusting.
9. Pay attention to the safety of electricity, strictly connect the motor according to the requirements of the motor nameplate, and connect the ground wire.
10. Before each start of the machine, fill the lubrication points with oil, and check whether the solid bolts are loose.
11. When Rapid Splitter is working, it must be noted that the temperature of the main shaft rolling bearing does not exceed 65℃,