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Nike Dunk Low Cheap

Lid sinds 23 nov 2021
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The Nike Dunk Low Women has become one of the most coveted sneakers on the after-market over the last two years. And while collectors are scavenging through their local thrift shops and digital listings for pairs of yesteryear, the silhouette has kept adding styles to its storied legacy. The latest arrives in the form of yet another “First Use”-themed option.

Unlike a previously-seen red tonal pair, the upcoming Nike Dunk Low Men indulges in a muted two-tone arrangement across its leather and suede upper. Branding on the profiles deliver stark orange contrast to its off-white surroundings, with medial side swooshes proffering the boldest component on the shoe. The additional set of laces that arrives with the latest take on Peter Moore’s design also contributes to the sneaker’s non-tonal color scheme, while also boasting a shimmering golden accessory shaped as a swoosh.

All Nike Dunk Low Cheap has to do here is to flip the original color-blocking, swapping the white and red to create that inverted look that works quite seamlessly. We’ve seen this approach taken a step further on the Nike Dunk Low Sale “Flip The Old School”, in which the famed purple/white City Attack pair was completely inverted, down to flipping the Swoosh logo on its head.