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Celebrities can’t stop wearing these face masks that don’t stick to your face

By now you probably have a plethora of fabric face masks to wear every day — whether it’s for running errands, traveling on a bus or plane or working out. Face masks are the new normal of 2020 and will most likely be a necessity through 2021, too.

MLB tightens coronavirus rules, requiring masks in dugouts and compliance officersLos Angeles Chargers Face Masks

If wearing a mask feels challenging, remember that, for many people, it’s a normal part of the workday. Health care providers, dentists and construction workers among others, rely on masks for protection. If they can do it, we can do it!Jacksonville Jaguars Face Masks

Hickox sued Wilson, claiming the company was responsible not only because the mask failed to protect his face as advertised, but also because the company failed to tell Hickox that the company had not tested the mask with the same rigor they used to test hockey face masks.New York Jets Face Masks