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For 2 MONCLER 1952, Moncler calls on Sergio Zambon and Veronica Leoni of Valextra for Menswear and Womenswear respectively. In defense of copywriters everywhere, fashioning that link bumph must have been challenging.

These Muppet pieces were the warm and fuzzy heart of one half of the dichotomy Leoni swung between in this collection: staying cocooned in Moncler Sale homey innocence versus stepping out to seize the moment and meet the challenge of experience.

I like extreme conditions. I love New York City in the winter, snow, Christmas, the nighttime. If you are here, you are viewing the look book images for Genius Collection 2: 1952, Menswear, by Sergio Zambon. This was a time - traveling collection expressed in triplicate and based in Los Angeles.

Ruffini continued: "A new Moncler chapter has started. I love when I have the feeling we are going beyond our comfort zone, breaking conventional boundaries while being aware that there is a lot to learn and to explore.

Different quilting patterns merge on cropped blousons, long parkas and shirt jackets. Today it's the fusion of fashion with technical gear that's picking up speed, on and off the slopes.

It means clothing that addresses your state of mind as much as it dresses your physical form. An early mover in leveraging Italy's fashion supply chain to produce high - end casualwear and garments inspired by technical and military dress, the Stone Island's somewhat macho take on fashion has long been a cult favorite among various subcultures.