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Exactly. I guess that's what Moncler and brands that create technical outerwear for sports are. My girlfriend and I live together, so that part of the equation is easy. But my family lives in Australia, so I haven't seen them since pre - lockdown.

Hiroshi Fujiwara has got it totally sorted. As he explains down a Zoom in anticipation of the latest chapter of his Fragment (or Frgmt as it is increasingly termed) collaboration with Moncler as part of the Genius jamboree, his IP and creativity lives in the cloud - allowing him to live in serenity. He said: "I changed the way I work more than 10, or maybe even 20 years ago when I decided I would no longer make any Fragment in my office.

We simply can't fault Moncler for the design and quality of their outerwear, so much care and attention goes into each piece. If you're looking to get a real timeless classic, we recommend a quilted bomber. This style will see you though years to come.

The result is a line - up of recognizable Rick Owens tropes: the sleeveless tunic, the elongated sleeve - but expressed in Moncler's featherweight volumes of down. Exploding shapes and tumorous proportions in scarves and cropped bolero jackets contrast elegantly with sleek bonded nylon layers and radiance quilted jackets in a palette of matt black, silver and dust. And what of the 'spaceship' that Owens Moncler Sale and Lamy used to traverse America's rugged desert landscapes In a prescient move, Rick Owens chose to create a mode of travel in which he and his creative partner and wife, Michele Lamy, could cocoon in.