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There's no denying Will Smith has established himself as entertainment heavyweight. Over the last three decades, the 50 - year - old multi - hyphenate has found success in a wide range of industries, including music, television, and motion pictures.

My interest in photography is tied with fashion. I love the creative aspect, the narrative, and telling a story through a series of images. Garment - dyeing is what it sounds like: putting the thing together and then dyeing it. We were on the east side of Milan next to a radical squat in a sprawling, abandoned factory, within which Remo Ruffini and his cohorts had laid out separate stages for their eight full Genius collections, plus three New Moncler accessory collections (a fat - tire Danish e - bike; the super - cute hot - model - thronged Poldo dogwear; and Rimowa luggage) plus, oh yes, the genius but not "Genius" Rick Owens tour bus project on the side.

Zip - up windbreakers and jackets come in lightweight cotton and nylons. Uniform jackets are cut in sturdy cotton and paired with chinos. Moncler's 1952 origins in Monestier - de - Clermont, Grenoble, were reflected in the geographically specific print on an opening parka, as well as the GPS coordinates on some of the garments. Shod in '70s - style sneakers, the collection descended to sea - level - Life's a Beach-bright florals, abstracted leis of nylon blossom - through a brand - essential Moncler Outlet basecamp of mid - weight down jackets with nehru collars in pungently powerful colorways.

There's an oversized Moncler Jackets Outlet top coat, a shearling jacket, a herringbone hooded joint, as well as a few down pieces. Indeed, while the 21st - century image of a genius may wear a white lab coat (or, perhaps, a black turtleneck and wire - rim glasses), for most of human history, the word's meaning defied such distinctions.