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"What I find really impressive about Moncler," Green says, "is that they're a brand that has huge commercial success and heritage, but they are still taking risks.

We created an environment for the www.monclersoutlets.com faces of the campaign to be comfortable in, and to express themselves in an affectionate way. This was a time - traveling collection expressed in triplicate and based in Los Angeles.

But with entire cities in the world's second biggest economy shut off, flights cancelled and many countries banning entry to visitors who have been in China recently, Moncler and other high - end houses could face a major sales hit.

Straddling between classic and contemporary, the Parana down jacket for women is inspired by the paninari of the '80s, reinterpreting their look in a special, functional way. This style is characterized by its precious shiny nylon laque texture with vibrant contrasting colors between the interior and exterior. The hood can be detached when the weather permits, while the oversized zipper pulls with Moncler lettering are inspired by the logomania trend.

The Bady jacket is the transformation of sporty aesthetic features intertwined with creative freedom and a sensual attitude. A futuristic allure that softly shapes the silhouette in a high - tech, performance interpretation with a feminine feel. Versatile and cosmopolitan, this piece is a must - have for the city as well as the mountains.

This is a collection of hyper - technical GPS - enabled ski wear (some pieces feature an emergency localizer in case of avalanche). If the inspiration for the collection is set in the past then the manufacture is set firmly in the future, addressing the wants and needs of the modern skier. Moncler's ability to make the slopes safer, at Moncler Outlet the same time as making them more stylish is a sign of the ingenuity that has propelled the brand forward since its inception in1952. Moncler's made it clear with this collection that style needn't be sacrificed for substance. The thoughtfulness and ingenuity that has been combined to create this collection make for a highly anticipated release.