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Williams is heavy into advanced fabric research and development, especially with a view towards sustainable production practices. "I believe that there are too many clothes on this earth," he told us back in 2017, when Alyx was just kicking off. For the Genius collab, Williams plugged his technical know - how into Moncler's conglomerate - sized supply chain.

To be physically present in the Via Mecenate studio where Moncler Jacket Sale Moncler hosted the Milan aspect of today's five - city digital launch for the next round of Genius collaborations was a kinda mind - frying thing. Right in front of us IRL was Alicia Keys in a black - belted silver knit dress, staring down the barrel of an enormous camera. Behind her, on one of the many ginormous screens that walled the cavernous room, was Victoria Song in a Moncler down jacket.

Moncler Genius is one of Ruffini's most daring moves since buying Moncler in 2003, when it was a struggling heritage brand nearing bankruptcy. Since then, Ruffini has turned it into a billion - dollar company based by putting everyone in a simple, classic Moncler puffer. Why risk potentially alienating core customers by handing over the keys According to Ruffini, "To continue to play a leading role in the industry today, means to be as flexible as possible while keeping a strong vision, as well as remaining faithful to the company's DNA.

I love New York City in the winter, snow, Christmas, the nighttime. The idea of New York City sprinkled in a layer of snow is really special. Everything covered, the trees, cars.