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Moncler Jacket agitated

Lid sinds 05 nov 2021

For this collection she commissioned a film inspired by Fellini that showed an Moncler Jacket agitated ballerina descending into disquieting dreams. "It's a beautiful nightmare," she said of the film. The collection was beautiful too, but no nightmare.

Combining global community, spectacle, music, and ingenious design, MONCLER MONDOGENIUS was a novel fashion week experience quite unlike anything that's preceded it. But even with all the stars and stunts, the clothes were the true MONDOGENIUS standouts.

Many of these developments were adapted into workwear and technical outdoor wear for their utilitarian features. The Karakorum jacket was created in 1954 by Moncler to protect Italian explorers on the first expedition to reach the peak of K2.

Williams is heavy into advanced fabric research and development, especially with a view towards sustainable production practices. "I believe that there are too many clothes on this earth," he told us back in 2017, when Alyx was just kicking off.

In addition to the skate area, the 10,000 square meters rooftop also offers other activities such as a beach football space or a bouldering wall next to the skate park.

Is skiwear the new streetwear Not yet, but the influence of the sport on fashion has grown beyond the casual apres look intended for the lodge. Today it's the fusion of fashion with technical gear that's picking up speed, on and off the slopes.

For SS20, the Moncler collection is refocused through a sportswear lense. I mean, it's definitely changed the way that we work and also the way that I think about it.