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Modification Of Manual Seeder

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     Sometimes the purchased Manual Seeder may not achieve the effect you want. If you understand the knowledge of the product, you can modify it yourself. The following editor will introduce you to this knowledge.
     The interference fit of the two bearings of the ground wheel of some planters adopts a through shaft type in the two holes of the fork frame. The disadvantage is that the bearing must be hit with a hammer when the ground wheel fails to be disassembled, which is inconvenient for disassembly and assembly and affects the life of the bearing. It is much more convenient to replace the bearing and repair the ground wheel after changing to the clamp type. Some product seeders use hard plastic materials to make the vacuum chamber. Although it has the advantages of low cost and low quality, the transmission parts on both sides of the seeder are made of metal materials. During operation, the vacuum chamber is easily deformed and leaks, which affects the vacuum in the vacuum chamber. . You can try to use cast iron to make the vacuum chamber. The effect will be unexpected. Some seeder transmission parts use power input in series from one end. When a certain multicast seeder fails, it will affect the work of other seeders. After changing the overall series drive to a single sprocket parallel drive, the working quality will be greatly improved. The air duct made of hard plastic material connected from the fan to the Corn Thresher is very messy, and exposed to the outside often affects its life due to wear and tear. The connecting channel with the beam as the main air duct not only reduces the sense of disorder, but also avoids the aging of the air duct and facilitates installation.