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The Method Of Fertilizing Planting Machine

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  When the Vegetable Planter is working, the high-speed fan generates negative pressure and transmits it to the vacuum chamber of the seed metering unit. When the seed-metering disk rotates, it absorbs seeds under the negative pressure of the vacuum chamber and rotates with the seed-metering disk. When the seeds are transferred out of the vacuum chamber, they no longer bear the negative pressure, and fall into the seed ditch by their own weight or the action of the seed scraper.

  Main features of Vegetable Planter:

  1. The Vegetable Planter adopts air-suction precision seeding, which has a high single plant rate and does not require thinning to avoid multiple seedlings in the same hole from competing for fertilizer and glory. The single seeder adopts a four-link profiling structure to ensure that the seeding depth of each row is consistent, and any row can be closed separately for easy operation.

  2. The height of the Vegetable Planter ground wheel can be adjusted, and the compression strength and angle of the large-size vacuum rubber wheel can be adjusted. It is suitable for flat cropping and ridging operations under various soil conditions with good suppression effect.
The Vegetable Planter adopts the method of separate application of seed fertilizers, and the side-deep fertilization disc is improved to a single disc, which fertilizes deeper and does not burn seeds.

  3. The main components of Planting Machine are sturdy, durable and stable during work. It is convenient to adjust the line spacing of Planting Machine. The plant spacing, seed depth, fertilization amount, soil cultivation angle and suppression intensity can be adjusted only by turning the handle.