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Matters Needing Attention In Processing Of China Fasteners

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   1. Seal


   Since the strength of Full Threaded Stud stainless steel is higher than the general data, stamping and shearing require higher pressure. If the gap between the cutter and the cutter is accurate, poor shearing and work hardening will not occur. Use plasma or laser to block. When gas cutting or arc cutting is required, the heat-affected zone is ground and heat treated.


   2. Bending process


  The thin plate can be bent to 180 degrees. However, in order to reduce cracks on the curved surface, the thickness of the plate of the same radius is doubled. When the thick plate is twisted in the linear direction of rolling, the thickness of the thick plate must be twice the radius in the rolling direction, and the radius of the thick plate is four times the thickness of the plate. Especially when welding, in order to avoid processing cracks, the welding area should be polished externally.


  3. Deep drawing


  It is easy to generate frictional heat in the deep drawing process. Therefore, it should be molded together with high-pressure and heat-resistant stainless steel. After finishing the processing, the oil adhering to the surface should be removed.


   4. Welding


  Before welding, rust, oil, water, paint, etc. harmful to welding should be thoroughly removed, and suitable steel-grade welding rods should be selected. The time interval of spot welding is shorter than that of carbon steel. Stainless steel brushes should be used to remove welding slag.


   After welding, the surface should be polished or cleaned to avoid local corrosion or strength reduction.




   In order to avoid scratches and pollution during the construction process, stainless steel construction is carried out under the condition of filming. However, as time goes by, the remaining mucus should be consistent with the coating time of the film. When removing the film after construction, the surface should be cleaned and special stainless steel should be used. When cleaning common items with ordinary steel, they should be cleaned to prevent iron filings from sticking.


  China Fasteners should be careful not to let the strong corrosive magnetic and stone luxury cleaner come into contact with the stainless steel surface. If it does, it should be cleaned immediately. After construction, neutral detergent and water should be used to clean and scrub the cement, fly ash and other materials attached to the surface.