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Unpacking, the laser perforation on the cigarette is really eye-catching, which is rare in cigarettes of the same price. Ignite one and taste it carefully, the smoke is soft and full, the taste is comfortable, and it enters the throat smoothly. The aroma is mellow and elegant, but not long enough. This may be due to the fact that cigarettes are not added with flavors. The smell of cigarettes is very weak, and there is no satisfaction in smoking a cigarette., Is a floral scent, but when you smell it, it is slightly lighter than its origin. Although it is only a short cigarette of 8mg, the taste and strength are not bad. The smoke is mellow and smooth, it enters the throat smoothly without irritation, the aftertaste is clean, and the mouth is slightly sweet. The fly in the ointment is that the fragrance of flowers and plants is not perfectly combined with the original fragrance of tobacco. Low focus design, old smokers may not be enjoyable. The hollow round filter is adopted, and the smoke is collected well Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and the satisfaction of large-mouth smoking is high, and then the small cycle of fine tasting, the smoke is soft and delicate, and the aftertaste is long. The original tobacco aroma and the flavor of the tobacco blend harmoniously and harmoniously, and the smoke is soft and smooth. No messy irritation, the soft feeling reverberates in the nasal cavity, and the pleasant feeling is sublimated; the big circulation swallows all the smoke in one breath, and the throat is smooth, and there is no shock in the lungs, and the satisfaction is just right. Occupies the entire page of the flip. The front and back sides of the medieval map correspond to each other. It occupies the middle one-third of the front and two-thirds of the back. The main pattern is the world map, which means globalization., Zimbabwe and other international high-quality tobacco leaves and top-quality tobacco leaves from well-known domestic producing areas, resulting in rich, transparent, elegant and mellow smoke Marlboro Gold, plump, delicate, elegant, comfortable and pure taste, bringing you the perfect enjoyment of high mellowness and high aroma. It has little irritation, no obvious discomfort to the throat, mouth, and alveoli. It is not spicy or choking, has a clean aftertaste, and leaves no odor. It feels that the smoke is very soft and smooth. When the smoke passes through the nose, there is no scratching in the nasal cavity, and there is a slight burning sensation. When you exhale, the smoke is refreshing and clean, the aroma is fresh, and the aftertaste is slightly sweet Cigarettes For Sale. Next, take a big mouthful and directly enter the lungs. The smoke inlet is basically full and full, and the strength is medium. The throat is smooth without any irritation. It is not spicy and does not choke the throat. The aftertaste is relatively clean after inhalation, and the mouth is not dry. The aftertaste is slightly sweet.
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